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Database Testing Using Slacker: Setting up SQL Server

Likewise we could also do data integration test or other tricks like delegating the creation of sql to more powerful language like python using rasgoQL. And other methods like UDF and procedures, which is commonly built into database engines. One way of improving data quality is to enhance SQL codebase with unit test and data test.

unit test sql

To check the results of any tests or suites that you run from the command line, you can start SQL Developer and view the All Test Runs and All Suite Runs reports (see Section 3.9, “Unit Test Reports”). The following example runs a unit test named AWARD_BONUS in a Windows environment where SQL Developer is installed under Program Files. (Note that test and suite names are case sensitive for the command-line How can I start to learn Web Development interface.) This example uses the repository connection for user unit_test_repos and runs the test as user fred. Note that is automatically included in the list of values for each data type for each lookup that you create. Automatically creating test implementations based on lookup values, as explained in Section 3.6.2. To have SQL Developer collect statistics related to code coverage.

Testing SQL

Dave is a data management specialist with more years’ experience within the IT industry than he likes to admit. He has previously worked as a technical consultant, systems integrator and a SQL Developer. He regularly attends SQL Server community events to share knowledge, gain tips and solve problems. Dave is a keen sailor and when not working can be found sailing, walking or drinking coffee by the sea.

TSQLt framework allows us to create mock tables through the tSQLt.FakeTable stored procedure. It takes a table name as a parameter, so, it creates an empty but otherwise duplicate of the original table without constraints. If we look to the working mechanism of the tSQLt.FakeTable stored procedure, it renames the original table name during the test execution and it creates a copy of the original table and test operations use this table.

unit test sql

To see detailed information about any item, click in its row to display the information in one or more detail panes below the summary information. For example, if you click in a summary row in the All Test Runs report, details about that test run are displayed under the Test Run Details and Most Recent Code Coverage tabs. Because you want to save the current data values in the EMPLOYEES table before any data is modified by the unit test. Keeps that pane in the SQL Developer window when you click another unit test in the Unit Test navigator; a separate tab and detail view pane are created for that other unit test.

Unit testing has the greatest effect on the quality of your code. If you create the unit tests before you write the code you can use them as both design documentation and functional specifications. You don’t need to continuously switch between different tools to create the code and unit tests, with Unit Test for SQL Server you can do it within the same IDE.

12.1 Create the EMPLOYEES Table

If you click the pin again, the unit test’s detail view pane is available for reuse. The preceding figure also shows the types of actions under the Library node , one test suite, and several tests. Here is the result when the expected and actual result are not the same. Note that this does not indicate where the deviation is in the actual result from the desired result. For this we would have to further analyze the two JSON documents. All test cases can be stored in a simple SQL Developer worksheet, a script file or even a stored function that returns an OK or NOK.

unit test sql

To create and run unit tests and suites, you must use a connection for a database user that has been granted User access to the repository . To perform repository administrative operations, such as managing users, you must use a connection for a database user that has been granted Administrator access to the repository . Installing the framework adds a number of stored procedures and functions, as well as an SQL CLR object to the database. An intuitive and convenient GUI for implementing automated unit testing in SQL Server Management Studio. The dbForge SQL database unit testing tool is based on the open-source tSQLt framework, so SQL developers can now benefit from writing unit tests in regular T-SQL.

12 Example of Unit Testing (Tutorial)

Most relational databases (Postgres, Redshift, Snowflake, etc.) support the creation of temporary tables, which persist for the length of a session. You can view the results of your notebook runs in your cluster’s driver logs. Statements to its own new cell in the preceding notebook or to its own new cell in a separate notebook.

  • The SQL query can then run against these “mocked tables”, and the corresponding output can be validated.
  • And other methods like UDF and procedures, which is commonly built into database engines.
  • This result is the query against the view to test; the results from this query are turned into a JSON document using the JSON_ARRAYAGG operator.
  • A convenient SSMS add-in for SQL Server database change management in all the popular version control systems and servers.
  • In the Select Connection dialog box, click the plus (+) icon to create a new database connection for the unit testing repository user.

One common approach is to run unit tests against views instead of tables. This section presents a simplified example in which you create a table and a PL/SQL procedure, create unit tests with test cases for valid and invalid input data, run the unit tests, and create and run a unit test suite. There are several ways for defining the expected results — for example as records in a special table, hardcoded in stored procedure code or hardcoded in a SQL statement. Balancing light-weightedness vs reusability of test results, you can arrive at slightly different approaches. Comparing the results with the expected results can be done as shown above in a purely relational way — with the MINUS SET operator — or could be done based on the JSON representation of the results.

12.4 Create a Unit Test

How to call these functions from Python, R, Scala, and SQL notebooks. You’d decompose those long functions into smaller functions, each with a single clearly defined responsibility. Create Venn diagrams and data maps This seems to be a solid way to test the design of a query, however it doesn’t guarantee that the implementation is correct. It gets the developers planning ahead and thinking of what is happening as they write. Despite all the challenges listed above, one thing do help with unit testing in the case of SQL as well as any other more general programming languages like Python.

Likewise, for the second example, it should not return either the number of rows that exist or false if no rows exist. Unlike most programming languages, there’s no testing framework you can use out of the box. To get around this, users will typically test their SQL queries against production data and spot check the results, or rely on experienced Top 6 Trends in Product Development You Need to Know coworkers to review the code. You can get by with this approach in some cases, but as SQL queries evolve over time or grow in complexity, the possibility for uncaught errors rises significantly. In the Select Connection dialog box, click the plus (+) icon to create a new database connection for the unit testing repository user.

The following code example creates fake data for the unit tests to run against. Is a set of tables, views, indexes, and other schema objects that SQL Developer maintains to manage the use of the unit testing feature. Before you add unit tests, you should be aware that in general, it is a best practice to not run unit tests against functions that work with data in production.

Covering how and why to unit test, examples and potential pitfalls, this course leads the SQL developer through how to use tSQLt when going about adding unit tests to existing as well as new database developments. In Select Operation, select the database connection for the schema that you used to create the AWARD_BONUS procedure; then expand the Procedures node and select AWARD_BONUS. Exporting an object causes all dependent objects to be included in the resulting XML file. For example, if you export a suite, the resulting XML file includes all tests in that suite, as well as all startup, validation, and teardown actions within each test in that suite. The SQL Developer unit testing framework involves a set of sequential steps for each test case. The steps are as follows, including the user input for before the step is run and the framework activities for the step while the test is being run.

Enhance SSMS with essential add-ins and tools including Unit Test and boost all database-related tasks. Download a FREE 30-day trial and start saving time spent on your routine database operations today. It might be rather challenging to refactor massive databases and constantly keep an eye on all the tiniest changes. Unit tests can come in handy in this case and help you detect unnoticed faults before they cause any harm.

Moreover, you can buy multiple licenses at a substantial discount. Most of his career has been focused on SQL Server Database Administration and Development. His current interests are in database administration and 7 Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare Industry Business Intelligence. In this section, we will fix the isolation problem of the sample SQL unit set; however, it includes other flaws. In further sections, we will continue to discuss it and fix these problems.

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