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15 Best Remote Collaboration Tools For 2022

It helps every business exceed customer expectations through personalized customer support. Dialpad is a unified communications platform that provides AI-powered contact center, calling, and video conferencing. Managing remote team workers greatly means to make sure everyone is as productive as they can be. Hypercontextis a shared agenda app that empowers managers and their teams to be high-performing by combining quarterly priorities, weekly meetings, and engagement measures, all in one place. Moira Alexander is the Founder of PMWorld 360 Magazine and Lead-Her-Ship Group, and a project management and digital workplace columnist for various publications. Moira has 20+ years in business (IS&T) and project management for small to large businesses in the US and Canada.

Geographically distant teams require a reliable place to store all official documents and online files safely. Remote work tools with secure, cloud-based document storage allow team members to work together on the latest file versions. They can also store all files, documents, and folders in a central space. Most companies have multiple projects, programs, campaigns, and initiatives going on at the same time. Teams using a remote work tool will be able to manage their workloads, assign tasks to team members, and set estimated deadlines for different marketing and promotional activities. With Ideaflip, you and your team can write your ideas down on virtual sticky notes, share them in your Ideaspace, and collaborate to refine those ideas in real time. And because Ideaflip has both desktop and mobile apps, you can host a brainstorm with your team any time, anywhere, from any device.

  • It helps people in organizations to more easily organize and plan workflows and projects so a team’s work can be on schedule.
  • Conceptboard is a brainstorming and visual collaboration app built specifically for remote teams.
  • Office 365 Microsoft’s remote collaboration suite that makes their well-known Word, Excel, and Powerpoint available online.
  • With these tools, you can seriously limit friction that comes with remote work, such as messaging fatigue, communication lag, and virtual clutter.

Conference calling, screen-sharing & recording, & mobile access are among the platform’s simple & easy-to-use video calling features. Time tracking is important for business, and for many remote teams it’s an essential means for keeping team work and workloads visible. Thankfully, by automatically capturing everything you work on for you, Timely can reduce time reporting by 75% and provide remote workers with a detailed, objective view of their day. This enables teams to manage their capacity—planning projects and individual schedules according to the time and resource they actually need.


If they are not, they not only will impede collaboration, they will encourage other ways of working that may not be truly effective. Remote collaboration tools need to open up communication, make life easy for all team members and ensure that everyone knows what is going on at all times.

remote collaboration tools

The best strategy is to explore various tools for asynchronous communication to find the one that fits your team’s style and budget. Yac lets remote teams send voice messages that anyone can respond to at any time. You can also record your screen, remote collaboration and it integrates with other tools like Slack. Each voice message comes with a transcription, so you have the option to read it. Anmol Parashar, a Product Manager at Pleo, says that using Yac has reduced 90% of the calls for his team.

Time Tracking & Timesheet

Let’s take a look at some of the best file sharing platforms you’ll want to leverage for sharing files with other people in your business. You can create different notebooks for different projects, write and organize relevant project notes, invite your employees to collaborate, and create project to-do lists to keep everyone on track. Project management software can help you keep your projects organized and on track—even when your project collaborators aren’t working in the same location. When your team members are working in different locations, communication is different. Under the current COVID-19 circumstances and the second wave, a number of firms and nonprofits are looking for free collaboration tools. There are a number of common collaboration tools that blue-chip conglomerates, nonprofits, and government agencies acquire to maintain their performance.

This means Wrike can work as a central platform tied to a number of others software apps, allowing you to cover a wider range of options and features than some standalone software options. Slack is without doubt a mighty collaboration tool, with millions of users around the globe.

World Time Buddy: Time Converter For Distributed Teams

For many companies, that shift to telecommuting means lower overhead costs as they move away from office spaces and into a more virtual workplace. The success of your remote team largely hinges on the team’s ability to work collaboratively without daily in-person interactions—which means the web tools you adopt play a huge role. It’s also important for each team member to create a physical workspace that encourages remote collaboration and productivity. Remote work is the new norm and since many countries across the world have been seamlessly doing businesses remotely, these tools have sorted most of the organizational and collaboration parts. They have proved to be highly beneficial when it comes to maintaining transparency, productivity, effective communication, and management. If you too are a remote worker or hold a remotely working team, these tools will be handy to guarantee effectiveness. Files.com is a file management system that encrypts files and allows its users to share files from a cloud server.

The right tools can help everyone get the things they need when they need them, and work together to get things done in real-time, keeping team productivity high. Based on the assumption that a list of free collaboration tools would be beneficial for many organizations, we have compiled a list of such apps. We wanted to help you out in your research process so that you can narrow down the right collaboration tools for your business. Troop Messenger has brilliant search filters in every nook and corner of the UI.

ProofHub being an all-in-one remote project management software is a must-have for teams that demand a greater level of management proficiency. The users across the world can access the information shared for the team members. ProofHub replaces a number of work apps, including Team Calendar, Team Chat, Task Management, File Storage, and so on. ProofHub’s strong reporting features streamline project performance tracking for managers. It’s a great tool for collaborative remote teams searching for a one-stop shop for their project or task management needs.

Techrepublic Premium Editorial Calendar: It Policies, Checklists, Toolkits, And Research For Download

Carbonfreeconf.com was founded during the pandemic to assist researchers in sharing their findings virtually rather than in person. As such, it enables researchers from all over the world to collaborate & discuss their work . Plus, with its 24/7 customer service, reaching out for technical assistance at any time is made very accessible. Plus, being a Google product, it also integrates well with other Google apps & can be accessed directly from Gmail.

That corresponds to about 34 percent of the workforce in America – by 2020 it should be 50 percent. Just download our RingCentral Video Pro for free, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan anytime.

  • If your design needs are more in the product design space, you should definitely check out the InVision platform.
  • You don’t need to create a special user profile because the tool provides a secure file exchange.
  • COVID-19 has ushered in an era of remote work that is here to stay—even after the pandemic is under control.
  • Slack is without a doubt one of the most popular team collaboration & internal communication platforms available today.

Offshoring can accelerate businesses by proper implementation of effective strategies and planned workforce. Develop premium solutions with offshoring and get the best talent pool at a lower cost.

Q: Why Should I Use Online Collaboration Tools In 2022?

Chase believes that it’s best to spend some time brainstorming asynchronously, so you’ll come up with the best and insightful responses during the actual call. There are so many options, which makes it difficult to decide which ones to buy and use. And just like shopping, if you want to find what you’re looking for, then it’s best to browse the main categories. Any.do is an all-in-one app to manage your life including a calendar, tasks, lists, reminders and a smart assistant that can take care of your tasks for you. BugHerd is the world’s simplest visual feedback & bug tracker tool for websites.

remote collaboration tools

Creately helps you create beautiful diagrams surprisingly fast and specializes in providing easy tools for teams and individuals to create and collaborate on diagrams really easily. With Beesbusy, organize, plan and work easily with your team to accomplish your tasks and projects. Beesbusy is designed to adapt to the needs of every business and individual. If you have a Gmail account then you are definitely familiar with Google Drive, your online storage for saving all your files and sharing them safely with your team. Once you grant them access, your team can easily reach the files stored on your Google Drive directory and use them to complete various projects as needed. Plus, with Creatopy, you get an online workspace in which you can create and store unlimited designs and animations.

Wooboard is an online platform that recognizes an employee for their good work. You can create reward programs for sending and receiving unlimited recognition. Employees can celebrate their success and initiate conversations through WooBoards social engagement features. Dialpad Contact Center allows you to build an efficient call center to intelligently route calls and reduce customer wait times.

If you want an even more comprehensive tool to schedule meetings with your remote team, you should check out Calendly. Planning meetings can be hard when your team is spread across the country—or across the world. When your employees are working remotely, you want to be able to easily share and collaborate on a variety of file types—and Google Drive enables you to do just that.

It seamlessly integrates into the mainstream Google, and lets users set reminders. The software allows for real-time collaboration between team members on design projects. Slack is a smart collaboration tool that is available in both desktop and mobile versions. It allows teams to send direct messages to each other as individuals as well as groups. Text notes full of timesaving ways to search, find, and share with your team no matter where they are. Otter has several integrations with apps like Zoom that make collaboration and remote work faster and more efficient. Whether you’re working in the office, from home, or from across the globe, monday.com helps your entire team stay in sync.

Tettra streamlines onboarding processes & reduces the number of redundant questions asked by team members by creating a centralized knowledge base. Because https://remotemode.net/ of its simple, user-friendly interface, anyone can quickly learn how to use Yammer. It’s not just about surveys, feedback, & understanding how people work.

Drovio Remote Collaboration Tool

Make your cloud application logins secure by using the helpful Okta integration with Wrike. Save passwords and time with this useful identity management service. Use the world’s most popular analytics platform to analyze and interpret data for your business. When you integrate Tableau with Wrike, you get better insights into project performance and empower your team to make better, data-driven decisions for your business. With the Wrike Gmail integration, you can effortlessly manage tasks in your inbox and capture work-related data from your inbox. When company data is stored in the cloud, it may be accessible to unauthorized persons.

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